Commercial Law

Drafting, implementing and interpreting varied commercial agreements across a broad base of clients.

Commercial Property Law

From straightforward deeds of sale for residential property, to detailed commercial leases.

Consumer Law

Assistance with issues pertaining to the National Credit Act and the Consumer Protection Act.


Dingley Marshall Lewin can guide you through the often confusing and complicated landscape of ICT law.

Labour Law

Our knowledge of the relevant legislation in this field places us in the ideal position to assist our client’s.

Matrimonial Law

We offer valuable advice in divorces, maintenance and access disputes, and litigation in this field of law.

Privacy & Data Protection Law

Dingley Marshall Lewin understands the complexities of privacy regulation & assist to manage legal risk.

Regulatory & Compliance

We conduct annual audits against legal registers to ensure that the company is inline with legislation.

Intellectual Property

Dingley Marshall Lewin are experienced in dealing with a wide range of Intellectual Property (IP) issues.

Liquor Law

Dingley Marshall Lewin are experienced with the acquisition and upkeep of applicable liquor laws.

Social Media Law

Dingley Marshall Lewin has a team of ICT law specialists to assist with social media disputes.

Administrative and Constitutional Law

Dingley Marshall Lewin is experienced in assisting clients in matters of their constitutional and administrative rights.

Competition Law

Dingley Marshall Lewin assists clients in all matters relating to the Competition Act, mergers, compliance and prohibited practices.

Philanthropy Law

Dingley Marshall Lewin help to make sense of all the regulatory and taxation mechanisms that apply to charitable organisations.

Gaming, Gambling & Betting Law

Dingley Marshall Lewin can assist with gaming, gambling and betting law in South Africa and matters relating to the 2004 National Gambling Act

Legal Services

Civil Litigation & Dispute Resolution

We are equipped to assist our clients with both High Court and Magistrate’s Court litigation.

Contract Management Services

Dingley Marshall Lewin boasts expertise in high-end contract management, & can assist clients in the field.

Conveyancing & Notarial Services

Dingley Marshall Lewin offers expertise in property transfer & specialised conveyancing transactions.

Escrow Deposit Services

Dingley Marshall Lewin offers escrow deposit services to banks, corporate entities and individual clients.

Legal Auditing

Dingley Marshall Lewin perform compliance & regulation audits for a number of clients in varied industries.


Mediation is a form of alternate dispute resolution and has been around for thousands of years.

Wills, Estates and Trusts

To ensure that the affairs of our clients remain up to date, Dingley Marshall Lewin focuses on the review of estate plans.

Insolvency Services

Our advice is focused on protecting the best interests of our clients as creditors, lenders, directors in the insolvency process.

Training Services

Consumer Protection Act

This training course provides an opportunity to gain an understanding and appreciation of the Consumer Protection Act.

Labour Amendments Act

We tailor make our training sessions for the clients specific needs and can include training on other current labour related legislation.

Occupational Health and Safety Training

Within any organisation, management & employees have rights & responsibilities in terms of the Health and Safety laws to prevent diseases, injuries & death.

The Protection of Personal Information Bill

Privacy has become a hot topic amongst companies which want to capitalise on the information that they have and the management thereof.