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Nicholas Moss

Candidate Attorney

Nicholas is in his second year of articles after starting with DML in 2022.  His focus is predominately in our Litigation pillar, but valuably assists in other DML pillars such as in Corporate and Commercial.

Through his experiences Nicholas has developed interests in contract, competition, consumer protection, tax and corporation law. Nicholas is also a proficient legal researcher, and has provided research assistance for the 2022 publication of the Commentary on the Consumer Protection Act.

Nicholas is always looking for an opportunity to expand his knowledge and has also always been interested in assisting other people with their legal education through his tutoring.

After graduating magna cum laude at the University of Cape Town in 2020 and working as a legal writing tutor, Nicholas took a gap year working as a Teaching Assistant in the Private Law Department at UCT and as a Tax Practitioner’s Assistant. He also gained experience volunteering with LAWCO and CLASI.

In his spare time, Nicholas enjoys reading, listening to podcasts and participating in pub quizzes with his friends and family.

LLB (University of Cape Town) (Magna Cum Laude)

Nicholas Moss

t  +27 (0)21 200 0770
e nicholas@dmllaw.co.za
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Areas of Expertise

  • Competition law
  • Consumer protection law
  • Contract law
  • Corporation law
  • Tax law