Agreements for the acquisition and disposal of immovable property

From straightforward deeds of sale for residential property to more complex agreements for the sale and purchase of agricultural land, our lawyers are skilled at drafting agreements for the acquisition and disposal of immovable property which take cognisance of the tax consequences of the transaction to granting third parties real rights in and to the land conveyed.

Township and sectional title developments

Our conveyancers are experts at working extensively with all the role players – developers, land surveyors, municipalities, town planners – in bringing the conveyancing aspects of township development and sectional title development into fruition.

We have the ability to successfully set up the legal framework for a property development which includes the drafting of ancillary agreements for the control and management of the development.

Due diligence investigations

We are skilled at conducting due diligence investigations in respect of a particular property to assess the onerous conditions registered against the title deed thereof. The enquiry is one into the endorsements and restrictions to which the property is subject and is invaluable in establishing the status of the property prior to acquisition.

Lease agreements

As we have both landlords and tenants as clients, we are fully aware of the conflicting interests and requirements of each of these parties to a lease agreement. We are able to assist our clients in structuring each transaction so as to suit their particular commercial requirements.

We are experts in drafting of short or medium term leases, as well as the legal requirements for the registration of long-term notarial leases.