There has been a plethora of amendments to the Labour Law in South Africa and we are able to train our clients to ensure that they are in compliance with the legislation.

We tailor make our training sessions for the clients specific needs and can include training on other current labour related legislation. However, unless otherwise requested, training is targeted at the following changes:

  1. Labour Relations Amendment Bill
    The Labour Relations Act was recently amended to include amendments dealing with the operation of the CCMA aimed to enhance the efficiency thereof and facilitate resolutions.The amendments also resulted in the repeal of “Temporary Employment Services” and created a new definition for “Independent Contractors” which has far reaching effects in our labour law.
  2. Basic Conditions of Employment Amendment Bill
    The most important consequence of the amendment to this Act is the awarding of equal or similar benefits to fixed term contract workers and permanent employees.
    The amendments also deal with labour inspector rights and obligations as well as the jurisdiction of the Labour Courts and the CCMA.
  3. Employment Equity Amendment Bill
    The amendments created a new definition in respect of “designated groups” as well as stipulating that employers should ensure that there is equal pay for work of equal value. The Act also provides for the imposition of fines when an Employment Equity Plan is not implemented in accordance with the Act.
  4. Employment Services Bill
    The Act provides for institutional arrangements which create obligations for the Department of Labour as well as Employers in respect of job seekers and employment vacancies. The aim of the amendments is to promote employment by introducing schemes and outlining procedures to be followed.