Our knowledge of the relevant legislation in this field places us in the ideal position to assist our clients in employment or labour-based dispute resolution, be it before the CCMA or Labour Courts, relating to unfair dismissal, unfair labour practices, employer compliance with the relevant labour laws and the basic conditions of employment.

We are able to advise and assist on labour-related issues such as:

  • Employer compliance with procedural and substantive elements in dismissal of employees
    based on misconduct, poor work performance or incapacity and operational requirements
  • Unfair discrimination in the workplace and ensuring that proper policies, including codes of
    conduct and sexual harassment policies, are prepared and utilised by employers in ensuring
    equality in the workplace;
  • General employer compliance with the provisions of labour law statutes;
  • Consulting on and drafting of equity plans in terms of the Employment Equity Act as well as assisting in the implementation thereof; and
  • Labour litigation

Our aim is to resolve disputes amicably however we are eager to assist our client’s in any labour litigation.