Having the correct licences for your business is absolutely essential.

dingley-liquor-blueManufacturing, distributing or selling liquor in South Africa without a licence is an offence in terms of both national and provincial legislation. Liquor licences, an integral part of the business of retailers, manufacturers, distributors, restaurants and pubs, can be a potential stumbling block to your business’s success and prosperity.

With the costs your business is liable to suffer as a result of being prevented from trading, sometimes for months at a time, it is essential that your application is properly handled. Dingley Marshall Lewin offers professional legal advice and services in this often troubling sphere of law.

We offer the following services:

Applications for:

  • macro-manufacturing licences (for manufacturers operating above the volume thresholds of Part 3 of the National Liquor Regulations, 2004);
  • distribution licences (for the transport and sale of liquor to licence holders, for example, wholesale traders).
  • micro-manufacturing licences (for manufacturers operating below the volume thresholds);
  • licences for consumption on (where liquor is consumed on the premises, for example: restaurants, pubs, bars and nightclubs);
  • licences for consumption off (where liquor is purchased and sold on the premises but consumed elsewhere, for example: liquor stores, wine cellars);
  • licences for the exceptional cases of consumption on and off (for example: to allow patrons an opportunity to taste liquor products on site);
  • special events licences (for non-licence holders to obtain temporary licence holder status to serve liquor at an event);
  • temporary licences (for existing licence holders who would like to, temporarily, operate on a different premises or to extended premises, for example: a restaurateur who wishes to run a stall at a craft market) ;
  • applications for addition / extension of licensed premises; change of nature of business and related applications.

We also consult on compliance matters relating to liquor licences and are fully equipped to advise you on your compliance requirements in terms of both national and provincial legislation.