Cybercrime and Jurisdiction – where do we stand?

25th June 2018|Articles, ICT Law|

We have a lot of legislation setting out cybercrime in theory, but enforcing the sanctions on online behaviour is more difficult than the enforcement of "traditional" laws. After many years of legal uncertainty on cybercrime and technology related offences, the Electronic Communications and Transactions Act[1] (ECTA) was passed in 2002. Other legislation that helps in


How to avoid your business from becoming a victim of cybercrime? Prevention – 101!

15th May 2018|Articles, ICT Law|

Cybercrime, being a crime related to technology, computers and networks, is steadily on the rise in South Africa and it is essential that businesses upskill on cyber security to prevent cybercrime in their organisation or seek the assistance of experienced cyber security experts to address their cyber security needs by ensuring the right processes are


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