A summary on the legality of Electronic Debit Orders

9th April 2021|Commercial Law, ICT Law|

We are all accustomed to using debit orders for various reasons, for example: Netflix fees, gym memberships, internet monthly usage and store credit accounts. It is important to consider whether the instructions we provide for these debit orders electronically are legal, valid and enforceable by the merchants and banks. In essence, a debit order is


Let’s discuss the interception of data!

9th December 2020|ICT Law|

Public Wi-Fi is convenient, and it allows us to save on data costs and work on the go, as these networks are usually in public places such as airports, coffee shops and shopping malls. But, no matter the convenience, we recommend caution if you connect to public networks as firstly, you do not have any


What can a consumer do about unsolicited emails and messages?

10th July 2018|ICT Law|

None of us are strangers to the multiple advertising emails and text messages received daily. How can you opt-out and fight this unsolicited commercial advertising or “spam”? Summary of relevant legislation 1. Electronic Communications and Transactions Act, 25 of 2002 (“ECTA”) In terms of Section 45 of ECTA, any person who sends unsolicited commercial communications


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