Dismissals for Poor Work Performance – an Employer’s Guide.

17th October 2023|Labour Law|

Employers should ensure that probationary and non-probationary employees are, amongst other things, aware of the required performance standards applicable to their position, give employees necessary guidance, counselling, mentoring and training to ensure satisfactory service, and to allow reasonable time for employees to improve the standard of their work performance. It is imperative that employers ensure that any dismissals relating to poor work performance are fully compliant with the Act and the Code of Good Practice: Dismissal (and any other applicable labour legislation).

Summary Suspensions in Employment Law – Long or right?

15th June 2021|Labour Law, Litigation|

Many, if not all, employers have had to grapple with the riddle of how best to deal with employees who have misconducted themselves to a degree requiring suspension, and how best to affect such a suspension (pending lawful disciplinary proceedings, of course) whilst giving effect to the employee’s fair process rights under South African employment


Social media and the employer-employee relationship

3rd June 2020|ICT Law, Social Media law|

Social media and the employer-employee relationship With the government effectively creating a temporary criminal offence to fight the spread of fake news and misinformation about COVID-19 on social media and online platforms, a lot of questions have arisen relating to employers’ risks when their employees use social media in such a way that the employer


Covid-19: Health and safety in the workplace

20th March 2020|Health & Safety Law, Labour Law|

The Occupational Health and Safety Act, No. 85 of 1993 (“the Act”) aims to ensure the wellbeing, health and safety of employees in the workplace. In light of the seriousness of the Covid-19 pandemic, it is important to consider the effects the spread of the virus may have on the South African employer and specifically


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