Expanded Services

Expanding on our five-pillar approach, we also provide expert legal services in various diverse areas of law including:

B-BBEE: We review applications of decisions of the B-BBEE Commissioner, and provide advice on empowerment.

Company: We can assist you with shareholder disputes, rights issues, forced sales, delinquency, minority oppression, director liability, board and directors’ disputes, and derivative actions.

Competition law: We can help you with the legal requirements relating to mergers and acquisitions, investigation into and prosecution of complaints of anti-competitive conduct and prohibited practices to the Competition Commission and Competition Tribunal (cartel conduct, abuse of dominance, refusal to deal, price fixing and discrimination) and advice on horizontal and vertical agreements and practices.

Construction and Town Planning: We can assist you with reviews of applications against decisions of administrators, development disputes, interdicts, acquisitive prescription.

Consumer law: Most of our work in consumer law involves assisting and advising clients regarding issues pertaining to the National Credit Act and the Consumer Protection Act. However, we also advise clients in more niche areas such as complaints under the WASPA and ISPA codes.

Contract: We specialize in contractual disputes, arbitration, lease disputes, claims for specific performance, damage, cancellation, and repudiation.

Cybercrime: We help you mitigate risks and take proactive steps to deal with cybercrime and ensure data protection. We also assist in dealing with the fallout from data breaches both by assisting with the regulatory requirements and by defending against possible fines or civil action.

Data protection law: We understand the complexities of data privacy regulation and assist many local and multinational companies to manage legal, regulatory and operational risks regarding data protection and privacy issues. Our services include: POPIA compliance; personal information processing best practice; data processing aspects of commercial agreements; website and e-commerce privacy policies; direct marketing law; cross border data flows; outsourcing of data processing; and the applicability of the GDPR.

Entertainment law: We offer expertise in copyright and personality infringement disputes (including Copyright and Performers’ Protection Act), license disputes, contractual disputes, performer’s disputes.

Gambling law: We can assist you in dealing with the National and Provincial Gambling Boards, applications for licences, disputes with the Boards and other licensees and compliance with the gambling and betting laws in South Africa. We act for various online and domestically based bookmakers and betting software providers.

Insolvency and business rescue law: We can assist in applications for winding-up and liquidation of companies, sequestration of persons and partnerships, participation, administration, intervention and setting aside of winding-up and business rescue proceedings, insolvency enquiries under section 417 and 418 of the Companies Act 61 of 1973 and section 424 personal liability applications.

Labour law:  We can assist you in a range of employment and labour law issues: in dispute resolution before the CCMA or Labour Courts, including restraint issues, unfair dismissals and unfair labour practices, restraint of trade disputes and applications and employer compliance with relevant labour laws. We also handle legal requirements for dismissals, retrenchments, codes of conduct, workplace discrimination, harassment, employment equity, and compliance with labour law statutes and are well placed to draft the necessary agreements and policies for your workplace.

Social media law: We have a team of specialists that can assist you in any disputes arising from social media use or any infringement of your rights on any social media platform. We can also educate you and run training workshops on the proper use of social media platforms and the legal risks you face should you make a mistake.

Tax: Our professional services include Tax Court litigation against the Commissioner for SARS, challenging of assessments, GAAR disputes, Alternative Dispute Resolution and settlements.