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Predatory lending and safeguards in the National Credit Act

29th May 2023|Consumer Law|

Our director Matthew Thomson recently spoke with business and finance journalist Fiona Zerbst of JustMoney on the subject of predatory lending and the safeguards of the National Credit Act. JustMoney’s article is available at: and below: How to identify predatory lenders Disreputable, or predatory, lenders can trap you in an unsustainable debt cycle. We


Am I required to register as a Credit Provider? Recent Changes to the National Credit Act and Regulations

21st June 2016|Articles, Commercial Law|

  The National Credit Act requires certain categories of money lenders to register as Credit Providers in terms of the Act. The Act is, however, applicable to all Credit Providers, even those who are exempt from registration (this category has, in light of recent amendments, been drastically narrowed). Who needs to register? The effect of


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