Deadline for filing of securities registers looms!

25th April 2024|Commercial Law|

This quick newsflash is just to inform our corporate clients that all companies registered with the Companies and Intellectual Property Commission (CIPC) (each, a "Company") must file their securities registers (including details of beneficial owners) with the CIPC ("Disclosure Requirement")  by no later than 24 May 2024.

Liquidations: Compulsory and Voluntary

21st July 2021|Commercial Law, Litigation|

A company can be liquidated regardless of whether it is solvent or insolvent. If a company is insolvent, it is unable to satisfy its debts as and when they come due (this is referred to as commercial insolvency).  If the company is solvent, it has the option of being liquidated for reasons other than that


The Deregistration of Companies and Close Corporations

8th June 2018|Articles, Commercial Law, Litigation|

From time to time, companies in business come into contact with deregistered entities; most often due to administrative oversight and their failure to file annual returns. Companies would be well advised to practice diligence and ensure that the companies they are dealing with are registered entities. The deregistration of companies and close corporations is provided


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