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Attention Entrepreneur : Venture Capitalism

28th June 2023|Commercial Law|

You’re a starry-eyed entrepreneur or business owner with big dreams, intriguing ideas and promising growth prospects.  You’ve got the potential, but you need the funding. In that case, it’s time to hook a venture capitalist or two. Before you move into the market and start networking, you need to consider things carefully and ensure that


A step-by-step guide to having your documents commissioned

19th January 2022|Commercial Law, Litigation, Matrimonial|

“Please, go back to the commissioner of oaths and repeat the process – you skipped a page!” –  do these words sound familiar? Having documents commissioned should be a relatively simple task. In practice, however, minor mistakes, like a missed initial, can undermine the integrity of the entire process. Unfortunately, this is often only cured


Liquidations: Compulsory and Voluntary

21st July 2021|Commercial Law, Litigation|

A company can be liquidated regardless of whether it is solvent or insolvent. If a company is insolvent, it is unable to satisfy its debts as and when they come due (this is referred to as commercial insolvency).  If the company is solvent, it has the option of being liquidated for reasons other than that


When your neighbour decides to renovate: what are your rights?

6th May 2021|Litigation, Regulatory Law, Uncategorised|

Imagine this scenario – you wake up one morning to the loud beeping of industrial trucks reversing cargo into your neighbour’s driveway, the shouting of labourers fill your ears as scaffolding clatters, mechanical lifts are fired up and the angle grinders shriek into the cold morning air. Dazed and confused, you stumble to the kitchen


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