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PAIA Manual – Do you have one, is it up to date and ready for inspection?

23rd November 2023|Privacy Law, Regulatory Law|

If you do have an existing PAIA Manual, ensure you merge the mandatory forms to your Manual. The forms can be downloaded on the Information Regulator’s website. Very important to remember - it is a criminal offence not to have a PAIA Manual if you are required to do so, and your entity may face fines for non-compliance. Should you not have a PAIA Manual, or if your PAIA Manual has not been updated in terms of the provisions of POPIA or with the mandatory PAIA forms, contact us to assist you.

PAIA Manuals – Time is Running Out

12th November 2020|ICT Law, Privacy Law|

It has sneaked up on us, but it looks like the long-delayed PAIA manuals must finally be compiled. POPIA is also clamouring to be included in the manuals. End of Exemption from Compiling a PAIA Manual The Promotion of Access to Information Act No. 2 of 2000, better known as PAIA, commenced in March 2001.


Commencement of POPI

22nd June 2020|ICT Law, Privacy Law|

1st of July 2020 is the date of commencement of the bulk of the remaining sections of POPU. Anyone processing personal information in South Africa will have one year in which to become compliant with the Act.

Eyes in the Sky: The Introduction of COVID-19 Contact Testing

8th April 2020|Litigation, Privacy Law, Regulatory Law|

The imposition of Covid-19 Contact Testing almost certainly limits the right to privacy. Whether this limitation can be considered unconstitutional is a question best left to the courts for adjudication, however, given the novel nature of the pandemic and the checks and balances built into Chapter 3 to prevent its abuse, it is highly likely that the contact Testing programme will pass constitutional muster in the event that it is tested.

Website Terms and Conditions

28th April 2015|Articles, ICT Law, Privacy Law|

Does your website protect you and your business? You may have a website for your business which is an important tool as you grow and develop. Whether your website is a way in which customers can directly purchase goods and services from your business (e‑commerce), or whether your website is simply an advertising tool and


Is it legal that my neighbour’s renovations reduce or even obliterate my view?

9th July 2014|Articles, Conveyancing, Privacy Law, Property Law|

You've just taken transfer of your dream home. It’s single storey, north facing so it gets the sunshine and has breath taking views. One day you notice that your neighbour is renovating. This doesn't concern you as it will add value to your property. However, you soon realise that they are not only building outwards,


Act now – POPI is almost law!

11th October 2013|Articles, Privacy Law, Regulatory Law|

The Protection of Personal Information Bill (“POPI”) will place substantial obligations on employers (both individuals and juristic entities) is expected to be enacted soon. It was submitted to the President for signature on 20 August 2013. POPI will allow for and provide conditions on the lawful processing of personal information. It will give effect to


Update on the Protection of Personal Information Bill

10th September 2012|Articles, Commercial Law, Privacy Law, Regulatory Law|

In 2009, the Protection of Personal Information Bill was tabled in Parliament and for the first time South Africans will have their constitutional right to the privacy of their personal information enforced. The Bill will bring South Africa in line with international data protection laws and at the same time will protect personal information collected


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