Where there is a will there is a way…

20th April 2018|Conveyancing|

Drawing up your own will: is professional assistance really necessary?  Many people decide to draft their own wills to save costs. However, there are legal requirements which must be complied with for a will to be valid. Often these are not known to the lay person resulting in an invalid will when it is lodged


To buy property with an existing tenant or not, that is the question!

1st November 2016|Articles, Commercial Property Law, Conveyancing, Property Law|

When a property is purchased while there is a tenant in occupation, the tenant has certain rights. Potential purchasers need to be aware that the lease agreement remains in place despite the change of ownership of the property until such time as the lease expires. This means that the lease will survive the sale and


Getting your doc’s in a row… to authenticate documents in and out of South Africa.

20th September 2016|Commercial Law, Commercial Property Law, Conveyancing, Regulatory Law|

This is a guide to assist you when you are required to sign or legalise documents outside of South Africa to be used within, or vice versa which should ensure that your documents are legally valid: Signing/Executing documents within South Africa for use outside South Africa: Where countries are party to The Hague Convention: Documents


What’s the big deal about unapproved building plans?

27th July 2016|Commercial Property Law, Conveyancing, Property Law|

Buying and selling property is a hugely stressful event. For this reason, people rely strongly, perhaps too strongly, on the people assisting them with the sale when signing the Sale Agreement. All too often, both Seller and Purchaser are guilty of signing Sale Agreements without necessarily reading, or fully understanding, the conditions in that particular


Withholding tax – implications when the seller of immovable property is non-resident

21st June 2016|Articles, Commercial Property Law, Conveyancing, Property Law, Uncategorised|

You have decided to take the big step of buying a property, but before putting in an offer, you read the Agreement of Sale. One of the clauses is headed, “Withholding Tax”, or something similar and you wonder what it would mean to you? Briefly, Section 35A of the Income Tax Act, is a control


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