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Real change to the real estate industry: how does the Property Practitioners Act affect your firm?

22nd March 2022|Property Law|

The new Property Practitioners Act provides a substantive change to the real estate market in South Africa with a bigger focus on transformation and consumer protection The Act introduces new restrictions on the conduct of ‘property practitioners’ in their interactions with consumers, including obligations relating to the display of Fidelity Fund certificates and the completion


Leases in Lockdown: Are we liable to pay rent?

25th June 2020|Commercial Property Law, Litigation, Property Law|

A legal issue receiving almost constant attention since the lockdown commenced is the liability of commercial tenants for rental of their business premises during the Lockdown (including the more relaxed Alert Levels).  There are many factors which have affected our advice, namely the terms of the lease agreement, as well as the nature and operation


Newsflash: Commercial Property Sector Unites Behind Rental Relief Measures for Retail Tenants

9th April 2020|Litigation, Property Law, Regulatory Law|

The Property Industry Group (PIG) give some relief to tenants who can accept their landlord’s offer to provide for any of the relief. It should also be noted that any acceptance of a landlord’s offer for a remission of rental, in accordance with the PIG’s relief package, should be considered against whether or not a landlord is entitled to rental at all. Tenants are not bound to accept these terms; however, once an election has been made, such decision is final, and any rights waived can likely not be revisited. We would therefore urge tenants to take proper advice, and to consider the full extent of their rights before accepting any such offers from landlords.

Selling your home: Estate agent vs Private sale?

4th February 2019|Property Law|

As a homeowner, buying your home was probably the biggest investment you have ever made. So, when you decide to sell your home, you need to make sure that the process runs smoothly and cost effectively to reap the maximum reward on your investment. There is a growing trend towards selling property privately rather than


Thinking of tying the knot?

8th August 2017|Matrimonial, Property Law|

Getting married and planning a wedding is one of the most important days in a person’s life.  The focus tends to be on the venue, flowers, the perfect dress and which song to dance to as husband and wife. All too often, people overlook the legal aspects of getting married and the potential ramifications. In


To buy property with an existing tenant or not, that is the question!

1st November 2016|Articles, Commercial Property Law, Conveyancing, Property Law|

When a property is purchased while there is a tenant in occupation, the tenant has certain rights. Potential purchasers need to be aware that the lease agreement remains in place despite the change of ownership of the property until such time as the lease expires. This means that the lease will survive the sale and


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