Breaking down the new beneficial ownership reporting requirements for trusts

8th November 2023|Commercial Law, Trusts Law, Uncategorised|

The Amendment Act has introduced new trustee obligations into the existing South African trust law. The changes pertain to the recording and reporting of beneficial ownership of trusts. The aim of this recording is to improve transparency regarding the ownership of trust assets to assist in the combatting of a money laundering and terrorist financing.

When your neighbour decides to renovate: what are your rights?

6th May 2021|Litigation, Regulatory Law, Uncategorised|

Imagine this scenario – you wake up one morning to the loud beeping of industrial trucks reversing cargo into your neighbour’s driveway, the shouting of labourers fill your ears as scaffolding clatters, mechanical lifts are fired up and the angle grinders shriek into the cold morning air. Dazed and confused, you stumble to the kitchen


Withholding tax – implications when the seller of immovable property is non-resident

21st June 2016|Articles, Commercial Property Law, Conveyancing, Property Law, Uncategorised|

You have decided to take the big step of buying a property, but before putting in an offer, you read the Agreement of Sale. One of the clauses is headed, “Withholding Tax”, or something similar and you wonder what it would mean to you? Briefly, Section 35A of the Income Tax Act, is a control


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