Megan has excelled as a Junior Associate and her promotion is well deserved.  Her journey at DML began during her articles and continued through the two years of being a Junior Associate, where she gained useful experience in our Corporate and Commercial Dispute Resolution and Litigation Department. Her experience spans across corporate and commercial litigation in lower and higher courts, social media law, insolvency law, business rescue, law of contracts, and corporate and commercial law. She also had the opportunity to work in other fields like Internet, Communications & Tech Law and Property. Her involvement in the corporate and commercial department has led her to venture into areas of the law that affect industries such as solar power, gambling, liquor licensing, commercial property leases, and bulk fuel consumption agreements.


In her 4 years of practice, Megan has learned the importance of working effectively under high pressure, meeting deadlines, applying her skills and knowledge to deliver polished legal products, and navigating the intricacies of law practice.


Megan’s dedication to client satisfaction and her focus on time management, discipline, and problem-solving have made her an invaluable asset to our team. An agile, intimate, and high-paced firm like DML has proved to be a good incubator for Megan to sharpen her law practice skills.


We congratulate Megan on this well-deserved promotion and look forward to her continued success as an integral member of our team.