COVID-19 Update – Alert Level 3 Stays in place (with further restrictions) as we prepare for “the storm”:

14th July 2020|Articles, Health & Safety Law, Litigation, Regulatory Law|

His address did not declare an escalation of the alert level currently in place, as widely expected, but rather confirmed that whilst the Alert Level 3 Regulations would, for now, remain in force, that these Regulations would be further limited and refined in certain respects. The increase in the degree of restriction under the Level 3 Regulations was justified by the President as being necessary to curb the impending storm predicted early on by experts advising government

Virtual Sports Events

2nd June 2020|Health & Safety Law, ICT Law|

We are slowly emerging from lockdown and the cabin fever is abating. We can leave our homes now, but can only lumber our lonely way about, hoping not to crash into a pole when our glasses fog up from wearing a mask. And we can never, ever, exercise with anyone else. Athletic competition in groups


Eyes in the Sky: The Introduction of COVID-19 Contact Testing

8th April 2020|Litigation, Privacy Law, Regulatory Law|

The imposition of Covid-19 Contact Testing almost certainly limits the right to privacy. Whether this limitation can be considered unconstitutional is a question best left to the courts for adjudication, however, given the novel nature of the pandemic and the checks and balances built into Chapter 3 to prevent its abuse, it is highly likely that the contact Testing programme will pass constitutional muster in the event that it is tested.

COVID-19: Law in a time of lockdown

31st March 2020|Litigation, Regulatory Law|

As with all businesses, legal practitioners have been profoundly affected by the declaration of the COVID-19 National Disaster and the subsequent lockdown period. While we continue to provide advice, consulting and commercial services, the directives issued will have an effect on some litigious matters and the way matters are handled in court. On 17 and


COVID-19 Communications Regulations

27th March 2020|ICT Law, Litigation, Regulatory Law|

On the 26th of March 2020 the Minister of Communications gazetted regulations under the Disaster Management Act 57 of 2002. The purpose of these regulations is to ensure that digital technologies are used to their fullest extent to assist with combating the COVID-19 outbreak.

Survival in the time of Covid-19: A basic guide for employers on retrenchment and alternative resolution mechanisms

24th March 2020|Labour Law, Litigation|

The rapidly evolving Covid-19 pandemic and the recent declaration by the President of the Republic of South Africa that a nationwide lockdown will be imposed for a period of 21 days to commence at midnight on 26 March 2020, will have severe and far-reaching implications for South African employers, especially those classed as small to


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